2010-10-04 Robert SesekImplement the renaming part of moving.
2010-10-04 Robert SesekAdd an EventHandler instance to the PathControl.
2010-10-04 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 217.
2010-10-04 Robert SesekConvert the Actor to a goog.ui.Container().
2010-10-04 Robert SesekDispose of Actor objects properly.
2010-10-04 Robert SesekDocument actor.js's members and store any dialogs/deepe...
2010-10-04 Robert SesekHook up the PathControl and Actor up to the move servic...
2010-10-04 Robert SesekImplement the back-end of the Move operation.
2010-10-04 Robert SesekIn the listing, remove the silly button and hover states.
2010-10-04 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 162.
2010-10-04 Robert SesekDefine CLOSURE_NO_DEPS.
2010-10-04 Robert SesekAlways close the Actor after dispatching the action.
2010-10-04 Robert SesekBoth Move and Rename should use the path control. Remov...
2010-10-04 Robert SesekImprovements to the name-editable path control.
2010-10-04 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 149.
2010-10-04 Robert SesekFix all the path joining nastiness by writing a smart...
2010-10-04 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 130.
2010-10-04 Robert SesekSeparate the path from the name in PathComponent. First...
2010-10-04 Robert SesekStart listening for the event to detect path component...
2010-10-04 Robert SesekPosition the File Move dialog higher than center of...
2010-10-04 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 94.
2010-10-04 Robert SesekRather than appending Google CSS to our screen.css...
2010-10-04 Robert SesekLots of improvements to PathControl:
2010-10-04 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 75.
2010-10-04 Robert SesekAdd another set of styling for our modal dialog.
2010-10-04 Robert SesekCreate our own ModalDialog
2010-10-03 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 50.
2010-10-03 Robert SesekSet some properties on the menu button to make the...
2010-10-03 Robert SesekAdd the PathControl as a child component of the dialog...
2010-10-03 Robert SesekDon't create a menu button for the last path component...
2010-10-03 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 38.
2010-10-03 Robert SesekUpdate to automatically commit version.js.
2010-10-03 Robert SesekFirst pass at the PathControl.
2010-10-03 Robert SesekUpdate .gitignore
2010-10-03 Robert SesekFix compilation using -c.
2010-10-03 Robert SesekPut the version in the footer.
2010-10-03 Robert SesekAdd version.js and the auto-versioner in build.js.
2010-10-03 Robert SesekFix the move interface.
2010-09-08 Robert SesekCreate the unhooked Move action interface.
2010-09-08 Robert SesekImplement the Open action.
2010-09-07 Robert SesekDo not add the Open tile for non-directory items.
2010-09-07 Robert SesekIt helps to use the right service request name. Also...
2010-09-07 Robert SesekCreate confirmation dialog for file deletion.
2010-09-06 Robert SesekPass the File to the Actor on construction.
2010-09-06 Robert SesekAdd an option to control the compiler setting for check...
2010-09-06 Robert SesekProperly unlisten to tile events.
2010-09-06 Robert Sesek* Implement the basic UI of the Actor popup
2010-09-06 Robert SesekAdd the Actor class that will be the foundation for...
2010-09-06 Robert SesekMore styling:
2010-09-06 Robert SesekDon't show the Edit button for ../
2010-09-06 Robert SesekWhen hovering over list items, add an Edit button.
2010-09-06 Robert SesekMove click handling into the File object.
2010-09-02 Robert SesekCreate a new JS class for representing files in directo...
2010-09-02 Robert SesekImplement file removal in the backend.
2010-09-02 Robert SesekSanitze error messages so the jail path is not revealed.
2010-09-02 Robert Sesek* Add some basic styling
2010-09-01 Robert SesekAdd a port arg to the server.
2010-09-01 Robert SesekDisable that awful highlight color.
2010-09-01 Robert SesekAdd some basic CSS
2010-09-01 Robert SesekDisplay error messages from the backend to the user.
2010-09-01 Robert SesekImplement checkInJail()
2010-09-01 Robert Sesek* Fix a bug in sendRequest_()
2010-09-01 Robert SesekThe shebang needs to be the first line.
2010-09-01 Robert SesekAdd GPL file headers
2010-09-01 Robert SesekFind the frontend files by using the server's path.
2010-08-31 Robert SesekAdd an ability to navigate upwards.
2010-08-31 Robert SesekAdd support for starting with a jailroot, rather than...
2010-08-31 Robert SesekHandle errors in the FE.
2010-08-31 Robert SesekUse the hash to store the path.
2010-08-31 Robert SesekTraversing directories is now possible.
2010-08-31 Robert Sesek* Restructure WebFE to have an app controller object.
2010-08-31 Robert SesekBasic directory listing on the web.
2010-08-30 Robert SesekAdd path listing service.
2010-08-30 Robert SesekAdd some response and request helpers for the backend...
2010-08-27 Robert SesekDumb front end main.js!
2010-08-27 Robert SesekSet up Closure in the build script
2010-08-18 Robert SesekNeed to keep trailing slash in kFrontEndFiles
2010-08-18 Robert SesekAdd index and fe handlers.
2010-08-18 Robert SesekGot the HanldeFunc() working, but not the file server.
2010-08-18 Robert SesekCopy resources in
2010-08-17 Robert SesekWorking build file!
2010-08-17 Robert SesekAdd buildfile. Doesn't quote work yet.
2010-08-17 Robert SesekAdd skeleton project.