2009-04-09 Robert SesekSwitch the 'modify' code of admin/field.php to use... master
2009-03-24 Robert SesekUpdate admin/product.php to use the new admin templates
2009-03-23 Robert SesekNeed to cache templates in the admin section
2009-03-20 Robert SesekTemplateize admin/userhelp.php
2009-03-20 Robert SesekBump framework version
2009-03-19 Robert SesekAdd the template diff for 1.2.3
2009-03-19 Robert SesekUpdate the package script to work with Git
2009-03-19 Robert SesekUpdating the changelog
2009-03-19 Robert SesekAdd IPB2 authentication module
2009-03-19 Robert SesekUse include() rather than require_once() in Authenticat...
2009-03-19 Robert SesekGenerate a random password for new Bugdar users from...
2009-03-19 Robert SesekFix an issue where after creating a Bugdar user in...
2009-03-19 Robert SesekCherry pick a3dc37dd9f292529f550ec866ef14af28489e5aa...
2009-03-19 Robert SesekCherry pick e28b0b5c5e992fbbac00981e94c946d2c29ec8d5...
2009-02-26 Robert SesekUpdate the admin/language.php to use templates
2009-02-03 Robert SesekDisable MySQL strict mode so that errors do not occur...
2009-01-15 Robert SesekThe bugfieldpermission and permission tables' mask...
2009-01-15 Robert SesekAdding the upgrade script for version 1.2.3
2009-01-15 Robert SesekUpdate the ISSO framework version so that we can take...
2009-01-14 Robert SesekDo not put duplicate entries into the search query...
2009-01-13 Robert SesekSeparate out the first comment into a variable called...
2009-01-13 Robert SesekRequired custom select fields will no longer show the...
2009-01-10 Robert SesekAdd a flash redirect system for admin pages to redirect...
2009-01-10 Robert SesekMove some functions that were previously declared in...
2009-01-10 Robert SesekAdding submit buttons to the settings page
2009-01-10 Robert SesekTemplatize admin/settings.php
2009-01-09 Robert SesekRenaming admin/setting.php to admin/settings.php
2009-01-08 Robert SesekHappy 2009! Updating copyright years.
2009-01-08 Robert SesekMerge branch 'isso3' to do all 2.0 work on 'master'
2009-01-06 Robert SesekAdd admin template caching
2009-01-06 Robert SesekInsert the debug block from BSTemplate::get_debug_block()
2009-01-06 Robert SesekWe can't evaluate the footer template as a globalVar...
2009-01-06 Robert SesekDefine and use the footer template
2009-01-06 Robert SesekUpdate the framework version again
2009-01-06 Robert SesekFix entity typos
2009-01-06 Robert SesekRedesign index.php
2009-01-06 Robert SesekAdd the login template
2009-01-06 Robert SesekAdding the initial templates for the admin section...
2009-01-06 Robert SesekUpdating framework to version 3.2.0
2008-09-26 Robert SesekNew feature idea
2008-09-17 Robert SesekSquash-merging the ISSO3 branch back onto master
2008-09-17 Robert SesekFixed a parse error in api_user.php
2008-09-17 Robert Sesek- Update the copyright notices to use the correct year...
2008-09-17 Robert SesekRemoving uses of $bugsys
2008-09-16 Robert SesekUpdates for everything done to class_logging.php
2008-09-16 Robert SesekUpdate class_logging.php
2008-09-16 Robert SesekUpdate api_user.php
2008-09-16 Robert SesekUpdate api_field.php
2008-09-16 Robert SesekUpdate api_automation.php
2008-09-16 Robert SesekUpdate api_attachment.php
2008-09-16 Robert SesekUpdate class_sort.php
2008-09-16 Robert SesekUpdating functions_datastore.php
2008-09-06 Robert SesekFix an "invalid argument for foreach"
2008-09-06 Robert SesekUpdate functions_product.php to use proper naming
2008-09-06 Robert SesekUpdate api_usergroup.php
2008-09-06 Robert SesekRemove the verifiers from the field list
2008-09-06 Robert SesekUpdate api_priority.php
2008-09-06 Robert SesekUpdate api_resolution.php
2008-09-06 Robert SesekUpdate api_language.php
2008-09-06 Robert SesekUpdate api_severity.php
2008-09-06 Robert SesekUpdate api_status.php
2008-09-06 Robert SesekUpdating api_userhelp.php
2008-09-06 Robert SesekUpdating framework version
2008-09-06 Robert SesekUpdate api_comment.php
2008-09-06 Robert SesekFix broken links in the pagenav
2008-09-06 Robert SesekAdd $productSelect to the tpl vars on showreport.php
2008-09-06 Robert SesekUpdating api_bug.php, fix a "call to undefined" error...
2008-09-06 Robert SesekFix showhistory.php to show more than one log item
2008-09-06 Robert SesekChange API->delete() to remove()
2008-09-02 Robert SesekUpgrade class_notification.php to use emails.php (untested)
2008-09-01 Robert SesekPHP5-ing and refactoring class_notification.php
2008-09-01 Robert SesekFix a template error with dynamic help in bugfield_stat...
2008-08-31 Robert SesekFix an instance of an old debug() call
2008-08-31 Robert SesekFix the password reset email system
2008-08-31 Robert Sesek- Get the email system to work for register.php
2008-08-30 Robert SesekWhen calling BSFunctions::cookie() to clear cookies...
2008-08-30 Robert SesekMake the password reset email work (untested)
2008-08-24 Robert SesekAdd includes/emails.php
2008-08-24 Robert SesekUpdating reigster.php to work, sans emails
2008-08-24 Robert SesekExpire cookies properly in AuthenticationDefault::clear...
2008-08-23 Robert SesekGet quicksearch working on showreport.php
2008-08-23 Robert SesekUpdated attachment.php to work, sans NotificationCenter
2008-08-23 Robert SesekUpdating showreport.php for attachments
2008-08-23 Robert SesekUpdating framework version
2008-08-23 Robert SesekRemove includes/class_api_error.php and all of the...
2008-08-23 Robert SesekChanging $bugsys->permissions[] to bugdar::$permissions[]
2008-08-23 Robert SesekGetting newreport.php to work, sans notifications
2008-08-23 Robert SesekFix a bug in ConstructVersionSelect() that would cause...
2008-08-23 Robert SesekUpdating editcomment.php
2008-08-23 Robert Sesekstd_confirm.tpl doesn't exist, std_message.tpl does...
2008-08-23 Robert SesekReplace *API($bugsys) with API()
2008-08-23 Robert SesekFix a $bugsys call and add $customfields to the templat...
2008-08-23 Robert SesekUpdating search.php
2008-08-23 Robert SesekWorking on the other functionality of login.php
2008-08-22 Robert SesekAdd $favoritetext to the tpl vars in showreport.php
2008-08-22 Robert SesekUpdating explain.php
2008-08-22 Robert SesekGet the assignment select box working on newreport.php
2008-08-22 Robert SesekGet pagination working on index.php
2008-08-22 Robert SesekShow votes on showreport.php
2008-08-22 Robert SesekChanging BSApi->objdata[] to BSApi->record[]