Bump project version to 212.1.
[macgdbp.git] / MacGDBp.xcodeproj /
2022-05-19 Robert SesekBump project version to 212.1. master
2022-05-19 Robert SesekBump project version to 212.0 and marketing version... 2.1.2
2022-02-28 Robert SesekBump project version to 211.3. 2.1.1
2022-02-28 Robert SesekSpecify CODE_SIGN_STYLE=Manual .
2022-02-28 Robert SesekBump project version to 211.2.
2022-02-27 Robert SesekEnable the hardened runtime.
2022-02-27 Robert SesekBump project version to 211.1 and marketing version...
2022-02-27 Robert SesekEnable codesigning.
2022-01-02 Robert SesekBump project version to 211.0.
2022-01-02 Robert SesekBump project version to 204.5.
2022-01-02 Robert SesekLet's actually call this 2.1.
2022-01-01 Robert SesekBump project version to 204.4.
2022-01-01 Robert SesekUpdate copyright year, bump project version to 204.3.
2022-01-01 Robert SesekBump project version to 204.2.
2022-01-01 Robert SesekBump project version to 204.1 and marketing version...
2020-07-02 Robert SesekModernize the source view classes.
2020-06-13 Robert SesekBump project version to 203.2.
2020-06-13 Robert SesekBump project version to 203.1. 2.0.3
2020-06-13 Robert SesekProduce a dSYM file for release builds.
2020-05-16 Robert SesekSet version to 2.0.3.
2020-04-18 Robert SesekBump project version to 202.2.
2020-04-18 Robert SesekSet version to 2.0.2. 2.0.2
2020-04-12 Robert SesekBump project version to 202.0.
2020-04-11 Robert SesekBump project version to 201.2.
2020-04-11 Robert SesekBump project version for 2.0.1 release. 2.0.1
2020-04-11 Robert SesekUse project settings to control version Info.plist...
2020-04-04 Robert SesekSwitch to template images for the step buttons.
2020-01-04 Robert SesekForce codesigning off for Release builds.
2020-01-04 Robert SesekAdd a shell script build phase to remove Sparkle's...
2019-12-15 Robert SesekTurn off the App Sandbox for now.
2019-12-15 Robert SesekAdd startup dialog for when no file access has been...
2019-12-07 Robert SesekModernize localization files.
2019-09-15 Robert SesekUpgrade to Sparkle 1.21.3.
2019-09-13 Robert SesekConvert the entire project to ARC.
2019-09-13 Robert SesekFix running the XCTest bundle.
2019-09-13 Robert SesekFix toolbar item auto-validation.
2019-09-11 Robert SesekCFBundleVersion is no longer incremented by gitcrement.
2019-09-02 Robert SesekXcode really wants this shell script to have a \n.
2019-09-02 Robert SesekEnable the App Sandbox.
2018-11-28 Robert SesekSet recommended Xcode 10 project settings.
2018-11-28 Robert SesekUpgrade project to Xcode 10.
2016-08-05 Robert SesekMove the Eval window into a tabbed section.
2016-04-10 Robert SesekCreate string constants for all preference names.
2016-04-10 Robert SesekUse NSData's base64 encoding/decoding and delete modp_b64.
2015-12-07 Robert SesekInitial re-layout of the main Debugger.xib.
2015-12-07 Robert SesekUpdate some .gitignore files.
2015-12-07 Robert SesekZero-warning build.
2015-12-07 Robert SesekMerge branch 'debugger-back-end'
2015-10-24 Robert SesekMerge branch 'message-queue' into debugger-back-end
2015-10-24 Robert SesekMove management of the stack to DebuggerModel.
2015-10-12 Robert SesekIntroduce DebuggerModel, which will be updated by the...
2015-10-10 Robert SesekUpdate xcodeproj to build with latest OS X SDK.
2015-10-10 Robert SesekUpdate xcodeproj to build with latest OS X SDK.
2015-05-17 Robert SesekBump the SDK to 10.9.
2014-06-05 Robert SesekMinimum target of 10.6 and 64-bit.
2014-01-02 Robert SesekRemove the thin layer around ProtocolClient that is...
2013-07-03 Robert SesekWrite BSProtocolThreadInvoker to replace ThreadSafeDele...
2013-06-20 Robert SesekRename NetworkConnection to not be ObjC++
2013-06-20 Robert SesekWrite a ThreadSafeDelegate implementation, which will...
2013-06-18 Robert SesekGut the old NetworkConnection and NetworkCallbackContro...
2013-06-18 Robert SesekWrite ProtocolClient, the layer that talks XML on top...
2013-06-18 Robert SesekWrite MessageQueue to replace most NetworkCallbackContr...
2013-06-16 Robert SesekFix 64-bit Debug builds.
2013-06-16 Robert SesekDelete some obsolete Xcode project settings.
2013-06-16 Robert SesekSwitch to using the 10.8 SDK with a 10.5 deployment...
2011-05-30 Robert SesekCreate a new icon for the Eval toolbar item
2011-05-01 Robert SesekRemove the README.* files for modp_b64 from the project...
2011-05-01 Robert SesekAdd StripLineBreaksValueTransformer and use it for...
2011-05-01 Robert SesekMerge branch 'eval-sheet'
2011-05-01 Robert SesekAdd the EvalController and Eval.xib
2011-02-26 Robert SesekMerge branch 'ruler-view'
2011-02-26 Robert SesekAdd BSSourceViewTextView (again).
2011-02-26 Robert SesekMerge branch 'x86_64'
2011-01-16 Robert SesekRemove the old BSLineNumberView
2011-01-16 Robert SesekRemove the program counter image and draw the mark...
2011-01-16 Robert SesekDraw the program counter in BSLineNumberRulerView
2011-01-16 Robert SesekMove |-computeLineIndex| from BSSourceView to BSLineNum...
2011-01-16 Robert SesekInitial work to get a source view using NSRulerView.
2011-01-11 Robert SesekSwitch to the standard architectures, which are x86_64...
2011-01-11 Robert SesekWarn on signedness comparisons.
2011-01-05 Robert SesekAdd a "stop" button to the toolbar that detaches the...
2010-12-24 Robert SesekSplit out the C++ class into its own file. Also move...
2010-12-24 Robert SesekUse a C++ class to handle the CFNetwork events, rather...
2010-12-18 Robert SesekRenaming because there's too many Debugger* classes
2010-12-17 Robert SesekSwitch out base64 decoders. Also memset the destination...
2010-12-16 Robert Sesek* Remove the AutoReconnect preference item now that...
2010-10-31 Robert SesekAdd VariableNode which will replace our use of raw...
2010-10-30 Robert SesekXcode project file updates.
2010-05-31 Robert SesekAdd a new DebuggerConnection that separates out the...
2010-05-31 Robert SesekRename DebuggerConnection to DebuggerProcessor in prepa...
2010-03-29 Robert SesekCreate a LoggingController that shows all the commands...
2010-03-27 Robert SesekRename GDBpConnection to DebuggerConnection. Also organ...
2010-03-27 Robert SesekSwitch from GCC to Clang compiler.
2010-02-16 Robert SesekXcode project updates:
2010-02-16 Robert SesekRemove SocketWrapper and start using CFSocket with...
2009-07-30 Robert SesekMake our project Xcode 3.1+ compatible.
2009-07-26 Robert SesekMake the transport logging an environmental setting.
2009-05-19 Robert SesekAdd a toolbar icon for the HUD window, which required...
2009-05-16 Robert SesekMerge branch 'bug-157'
2009-05-16 Robert SesekMerge branch 'cosmetics'