Bump project version to 212.1.
[macgdbp.git] / en.lproj /
2022-02-26 Robert SesekConstrain the size of the debugger split views.
2022-01-02 Robert SesekUse the word "Executable" rather than "Binary" in the...
2022-01-01 Robert SesekSwitch to automatic toolbar item sizing behavior.
2022-01-01 Robert SesekReduce the height of the left panel content so it does...
2022-01-01 Robert SesekUpdate copyright year, bump project version to 204.3.
2022-01-01 Robert SesekAdd a preference for the PHP binary path for syntax...
2020-05-17 Robert SesekMove the Evaluate menu item from Debugger to Window.
2020-04-04 Robert SesekSwitch to template images for the step buttons.
2020-04-03 Robert SesekMake the Remote Paths pref pane larger.
2020-01-04 Robert SesekCopyright 2020!
2020-01-04 Robert SesekExpose the unstable appcast pref in Preferences.
2019-12-15 Robert SesekDisable editing of the Inspector content.
2019-12-15 Robert SesekAdd startup dialog for when no file access has been...
2019-12-15 Robert SesekAdd a new File Access preferences pane.
2019-12-07 Robert SesekModernize localization files.