2022-05-19 Robert SesekBump project version to 212.1. master
2022-05-19 Robert SesekBump project version to 212.0 and marketing version... 2.1.2
2022-05-19 Robert SesekFix +[ProtocolClient escapedFilePathURI:] to not double...
2022-02-28 Robert SesekBump project version to 211.3. 2.1.1
2022-02-28 Robert SesekSpecify CODE_SIGN_STYLE=Manual .
2022-02-28 Robert SesekBump project version to 211.2.
2022-02-28 Robert SesekConvert CHANGES to markdown.
2022-02-28 Robert SesekAdd a
2022-02-27 Robert SesekEnable the hardened runtime.
2022-02-27 Robert SesekBump project version to 211.1 and marketing version...
2022-02-27 Robert SesekEnable codesigning.
2022-02-26 Robert SesekConstrain the size of the debugger split views.
2022-01-02 Robert SesekBump project version to 211.0.
2022-01-02 Robert SesekUpdate changelog. 2.1
2022-01-02 Robert SesekBump project version to 204.5.
2022-01-02 Robert SesekClear the marked line when updating the source view...
2022-01-02 Robert SesekUse a better method for resizing the preferences window.
2022-01-02 Robert SesekUse the word "Executable" rather than "Binary" in the...
2022-01-02 Robert SesekLet's actually call this 2.1.
2022-01-01 Robert SesekBump project version to 204.4.
2022-01-01 Robert SesekSwitch to automatic toolbar item sizing behavior.
2022-01-01 Robert SesekReduce the height of the left panel content so it does...
2022-01-01 Robert SesekUpdate copyright year, bump project version to 204.3.
2022-01-01 Robert SesekUpdate Sparkle to 1.27.1 for Apple Silicon support.
2022-01-01 Robert SesekBump project version to 204.2.
2022-01-01 Robert SesekAdd a preference for the PHP binary path for syntax...
2022-01-01 Robert SesekBump project version to 204.1 and marketing version...
2022-01-01 Robert SesekCall -performLayout on the ruler in -[BSSourceView...
2020-11-15 Robert Seseksigner-ed25519: DER-encode the public and private keys.
2020-08-08 Robert SesekAdd a tool to wrap a raw ED25519 key in PKCS8.
2020-07-02 Robert SesekModernize the source view classes.
2020-06-13 Robert SesekBump project version to 203.2.
2020-06-13 Robert SesekBump project version to 203.1. 2.0.3
2020-06-13 Robert SesekProduce a dSYM file for release builds.
2020-06-13 Robert SesekSpeculative fix for a crash if a handler cannot be...
2020-05-17 Robert SesekMove the Evaluate menu item from Debugger to Window.
2020-05-16 Robert SesekSet version to 2.0.3.
2020-05-16 Robert SesekFix display of scalar variable values.
2020-04-18 Robert SesekBump project version to 202.2.
2020-04-18 Robert SesekSet version to 2.0.2. 2.0.2
2020-04-18 Robert SesekMark all the exectaubles as +x, as they should have...
2020-04-18 Robert SesekMark the textView_ as needing display in -setMarkedLine:.
2020-04-12 Robert SesekGo back to reading the highlight results on the main...
2020-04-12 Robert SesekMove the generation of recursive value descriptions...
2020-04-12 Robert SesekBump project version to 202.0.
2020-04-12 Robert SesekExpand variables after an outline view item expands.
2020-04-12 Robert SesekFix not consistently scrolling to the active line.
2020-04-12 Robert SesekDo not attempt to preserve stack frames.
2020-04-12 Robert SesekFix unreliable variable expansion after debugger steps.
2020-04-12 Robert SesekFix a crash when changing stack frames after disconnecting.
2020-04-11 Robert SesekBump project version to 201.2.
2020-04-11 Robert SesekBump project version for 2.0.1 release. 2.0.1
2020-04-11 Robert SesekUse project settings to control version Info.plist...
2020-04-06 Robert SesekFix loading of large source files.
2020-04-04 Robert SesekUpdate the version number to 2.0.1.
2020-04-04 Robert SesekSwitch to template images for the step buttons.
2020-04-03 Robert SesekUse standard macOS colors for PHP syntax highlighting.
2020-04-03 Robert SesekMake the Remote Paths pref pane larger.
2020-04-02 Robert SesekUse a semantic color for the ruler view background.
2020-03-10 Robert SesekBump version to 2.0 final. 2.0
2020-01-04 Robert SesekFix wrong order of flag.String values in signer-ed25519.go.
2020-01-04 Robert SesekSet to the unstable appcast feed and mark the version. 2.0-beta-1
2020-01-04 Robert SesekForce codesigning off for Release builds.
2020-01-04 Robert SesekAdd a shell script build phase to remove Sparkle's...
2020-01-04 Robert SesekRemove sandboxing from CHANGES.
2020-01-04 Robert SesekCopyright 2020!
2020-01-04 Robert SesekExpose the unstable appcast pref in Preferences.
2020-01-04 Robert SesekQuery the appcast-unstable.xml feed based off the pref.
2019-12-15 Robert SesekTurn off the App Sandbox for now.
2019-12-15 Robert SesekCreate a new, high-res HUD Icon.
2019-12-15 Robert SesekShow the FileAccessController when reading a source...
2019-12-15 Robert SesekDisable editing of the Inspector content.
2019-12-15 Robert SesekFix crashes in BSLineNumberRulerView when the lineIndex...
2019-12-15 Robert SesekAdd startup dialog for when no file access has been...
2019-12-15 Robert SesekCentralize font selection via +[BSSourceView sourceFont].
2019-12-15 Robert SesekThe BreakpointManager does not need to know about the UI.
2019-12-15 Robert SesekForce a re-serialization of Breakpoints on decode.
2019-12-15 Robert SesekRestore keeping the original size of content views...
2019-12-15 Robert SesekCreate helper +[PreferencesController secureBookmarkDat...
2019-12-15 Robert SesekRevert "For file/line breakpoints, create secure bookma...
2019-12-15 Robert SesekAdd a new File Access preferences pane.
2019-12-15 Robert SesekModernize PreferencesController.
2019-12-07 Robert SesekFix removing breakpoints.
2019-12-07 Robert SesekFor file/line breakpoints, create secure bookmarks...
2019-12-07 Robert SesekUpdate the Help URL.
2019-12-07 Robert SesekSwitch to new SUFeedURL.
2019-12-07 Robert SesekModernize localization files.
2019-09-15 Robert SesekIn BSSourceView, override the NSFont attribute to use...
2019-09-15 Robert SesekIn BSSourceView, keep the NSAttributedString creation...
2019-09-15 Robert SesekAdd a script to generate the Sparkle signatures.
2019-09-15 Robert SesekSet the SUPublicEDKey value to the new Blue Static...
2019-09-15 Robert SesekAdd a Go version of the ED25519 signer, which can also...
2019-09-15 Robert SesekThin out non-English Sparkle resources.
2019-09-15 Robert SesekUpgrade to Sparkle 1.21.3.
2019-09-15 Robert SesekAdd new openssl-sign-ed25519 tool to sign/verify signat...
2019-09-15 Robert SesekAdd some test files.
2019-09-14 Robert SesekUpdate the layout of the connection log window.
2019-09-14 Robert SesekSet autoresizing mask on Eval outer view.
2019-09-14 Robert SesekImproved step button icons.
2019-09-14 Robert SesekInitial work on 2.0 toolbar icons.