2020-09-22 Robert SesekUpdate the changelog for 1.1.0. master
2020-09-19 Robert SesekUse `npx tsc` instead of $PATH-based `tsc` in
2020-09-19 Robert SesekUpgrade setup-node workflow and specify node v12.
2020-09-19 Robert SesekUpgrade all packages.
2020-09-14 dependabot... Bump lodash from 4.17.15 to 4.17.19
2020-07-13 Robert SesekVersion 1.1.0 1.1.0
2020-07-13 Robert SesekAdd Schedule A for itemized deductions.
2020-07-13 Robert SesekAdd Form 6251.
2020-03-28 Robert SesekSed inplace is not great across GNU vs BSD...
2020-03-28 Robert SesekUpgrade all dependencies.
2020-03-28 dependabot... Bump acorn from 6.4.0 to 6.4.1
2020-03-28 Robert SesekAdd status badges to README.
2020-03-28 Robert SesekGet sed invocation to hopefully work with GNU sed.
2020-03-28 Robert SesekAdd ci.yml file to setup GitHub actions.
2020-03-23 Robert SesekAdd a helper script to publish the NPM package.
2020-03-23 Robert SesekUpdate the README with working instructions.
2020-03-23 Robert SesekOnly publish the dist/ folder. 1.0.2
2020-03-23 Robert SesekVersion 1.0.1 was fast... 1.0.1
2020-03-23 Robert SesekInclude examples/ in the package.
2020-03-23 Robert SesekAdd UnsupportedLine, to formalize a comment convention... 1.0.0
2020-03-23 Robert SesekMake Form._lines public and remove the accessor.
2020-03-23 Robert SesekAdd a build script to help create the package.
2020-03-23 Robert SesekAdd an examples/ directory.
2020-03-23 Robert SesekAdd READMEs.
2020-03-22 Robert SesekShorten some worksheet names.
2020-03-22 Robert SesekRedo 1099-B to be simplerf for recording adjustments.
2020-03-22 Robert SesekAdd SALT worksheet for determining taxable amount of...
2020-03-21 Robert SesekUse '@' to separate form@line references.
2020-03-19 Robert SesekAdd Form8995 to compute REIT QBI deduction.
2020-03-18 Robert SesekFix some remaining bugs in tax computation.
2020-03-18 Robert SesekFix some bugs in tracing, and add a reset() function.
2020-03-18 Robert Sesekfix
2020-03-17 Robert SesekInclude US debt instrument interest as 1040/2b.
2020-03-17 Robert SesekImplement W2.person().
2020-03-17 Robert SesekFix bugs in Schedule D and implement the QDCG Tax Works...
2020-03-17 Robert SesekInclude exempt interest dividends in 1040-2a.
2020-03-17 Robert SesekSimplify the Trace API further.
2020-03-17 Robert SesekRefine Trace to be able to output graphviz-compatible...
2020-03-15 Robert SesekFirst cut at a Trace system.
2020-03-15 Robert SesekAdd default 0 for many 1099-* entries.
2020-03-15 Robert SesekEnsure ScheduleDTaxWorksheet is exported.
2020-03-14 Robert SesekExport TaxReturn from fed2019.
2020-03-14 Robert SesekAdd license information.
2020-03-14 Robert SesekAdd a Form1040.filingStatus accessor.
2020-03-13 Robert SesekImplement Form.person() on fed2019 forms.
2020-03-13 Robert SesekAdd the ability to filter forms by Person.
2020-03-13 Robert SesekMake core/TaxReturn an abstract class.
2020-03-13 Robert SesekRemove type test code for TaxReturn.
2020-03-10 Robert SesekUse Math helpers in more forms.
2020-03-10 Robert SesekRewrite Form1040.computeTax based off of Revenue Proced...
2020-03-10 Robert SesekRename FormW2 to just W2.
2020-03-10 Robert SesekSimplify core imports.
2020-03-10 Robert SesekCreate a cheap "build" script.
2020-03-10 Robert SesekRestructuring in prep for being a usable package.
2020-03-08 Robert SesekAdd a forms accessor to TaxReturn.
2020-03-08 Robert SesekDo not use the whole Form to describe a ReferenceLine.
2020-03-08 Robert SesekPrepare build as module.
2020-03-08 Robert SesekFix bad import for Schedule 2.
2020-03-08 Robert SesekAdd Form 8960.
2020-03-08 Robert SesekAdd Schedule 3.
2020-03-08 Robert SesekAdd Schedule 1.
2020-03-08 Robert SesekSplit Schedule2 into its own file.
2020-03-08 Robert SesekAdd Form 1116.
2020-03-08 Robert SesekAllow InputLine to specify a fallback value.
2020-03-08 Robert SesekRemove reduceBySum() to Math.
2020-03-07 Robert SesekAdd Form1099R and 8606.
2020-02-28 Robert SesekAdd a test for Form8959.
2020-02-23 Robert SesekDelete experimental Form2 that was adopted.
2020-02-23 Robert SesekSimplify uses of ComputedLine to not type the |tr|...
2020-02-23 Robert SesekImplement the Schedule D Tax Worksheet.
2020-02-23 Robert SesekUse the original idea for Form8949, which is simpler.
2020-02-23 Robert SesekInitial work on Schedule D, Form 8949, and 1099-B.
2020-02-23 Robert SesekAdd command to run the Node debugger and interactive...
2020-02-22 Robert SesekUpgrade Typescript and compiler targets.
2020-02-22 Robert SesekStrongly type Forms on TaxReturn.
2020-02-22 Robert SesekUse the computations from Form 8959 on Schedule 2.
2020-02-22 Robert SesekAdd Form 8959.
2020-02-22 Robert SesekAdd Form 1040 Schedule 2.
2020-02-22 Robert SesekDrop explicit type parameter in ComputedLine, since...
2020-02-22 Robert SesekAdd Form 1099-DIV.
2020-02-22 Robert SesekStart implementing Form 1040 tax calculation.
2020-02-21 Robert SesekAdd Form 1099-INT.
2020-02-21 Robert SesekRemove id from Line constructor.
2020-02-21 Robert SesekStrongly type Form lines.
2020-02-21 Robert SesekAdd more computations for form 1040.
2020-02-21 Robert SesekAdd TaxReturn.maybeGetForm<T>()
2020-02-21 Robert SesekRevert "Make SupportsMultipleCopies an interface."
2020-02-21 Robert SesekModel most of the first page of 1040.
2020-02-21 Robert SesekAllow ReferenceLine to take a custom description.
2020-02-20 Robert SesekFurther improve the typing of InputLine to not require...
2020-02-20 Robert SesekComplete Form W-2 and first few lines of 1040.
2020-02-20 Robert SesekAdd AccumulatorLine class.
2020-02-20 Robert SesekInputLine needs to take the Form's generic.
2020-02-20 Robert SesekStrongly type TaxReturn.getForm{,s}()
2020-02-20 Robert SesekAdd Form.getValue()
2020-02-20 Robert SesekMake Person the default export.
2020-02-20 Robert SesekMake SupportsMultipleCopies an interface.
2020-02-19 Robert SesekMake Form input strongly typed with generics.
2020-02-18 Robert SesekMove input from a TaxReturn to a Form.
2020-02-18 Robert SesekIntroduce InputLine and the ability to acquire inputs...