2012-12-30 Robert SesekAdd the LICENSE.txt file master
2012-10-14 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 673.0
2012-10-14 Robert SesekRemove some logging in the sendRequest error callback.
2012-10-14 Robert SesekInclude the path in "outside of jail" errors.
2012-10-14 Robert SesekRemove the error handling from JSON callbacks now that...
2012-10-14 Robert SesekDo not send errors as part of the JSON response anymore.
2012-10-13 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 664.0
2012-10-13 Robert SesekMerge branch 'api-proto'
2012-10-13 Robert SesekClean up paths.go to be more idiomatic.
2012-10-13 Robert SesekMake sure all service routines are accessed via POST
2012-10-13 Robert SesekBreak up the /service handler into individual HTTP...
2012-10-13 Robert SesekFinish replacing errorResponse with httpError
2012-10-13 Robert SesekSend backend errors using HTTP instead of an ad hoc...
2012-10-13 Robert Sesektv_rename.RenameTVEpisode should not return a |*string...
2012-10-13 Robert SesekThe proper Content-Type for JSON is application/json.
2012-10-07 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 656.0 0.9.656.0
2012-10-07 Robert SesekUpdate closure-compiler to r2180.
2012-10-07 Robert SesekBump version to 0.9
2012-10-07 Robert SesekUpdate the README for the new, easy install instructions.
2012-10-07 Robert SesekUse runtime.Caller() to locate the frontend files path
2012-10-06 Robert SesekRemove unused PathControl ctor param
2012-10-06 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 643.0
2012-10-06 Robert SesekMakefile: do not depend copy_version_source on $(VERSIO...
2012-10-06 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 642.28
2012-10-06 Robert SesekGet `make dist` working with `git update-index --assume...
2012-09-05 Robert SesekMakefile: Targets are now more discrete units of work...
2012-09-05 Robert SesekTest of git update-index --assume-unchanged.
2012-09-05 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 642.1
2012-09-05 Robert SesekMakefile: dest - Commit frontend/armadillo.js as well...
2012-08-15 Robert SesekRemove support for ProxyURLs.
2012-08-12 Robert SesekMerge branch 'Makefile'
2012-08-12 Robert SesekCreate a README file
2012-08-12 Robert SesekSo long, you've been replaced by a Makefile
2012-08-12 Robert SesekDo not allow stamp or $(VERSION_FILE) to succeed withou...
2012-08-12 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 640.16
2012-08-12 Robert SesekMake stamp depend on VERSION_FILE instaed of version
2012-08-12 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 640.13
2012-08-12 Robert SesekSeparate release from stamping via dist
2012-08-12 Robert SesekClean up the version stamping logic so that it can...
2012-08-12 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 640.6
2012-08-12 Robert SesekMove version.js.proto2 to .proto
2012-08-12 Robert Sesek* Stamp on each compilation of the frontend
2012-08-12 Robert SesekAdd support for stamping the version file and committin...
2012-08-12 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 640.1
2012-08-12 Robert SesekCreate an initial makefile that can assmble the fronten...
2012-05-12 Robert SesekChange package imports for go1
2012-04-03 Robert SesekUpdate .gitignore for new build locations
2012-04-03 Robert SesekPull flags in main.go out to the top level
2012-04-03 Robert SesekRemove server.SetConfig and just pass it to RunBackEnd
2012-04-03 Robert SesekDon't return a null slice from server.ListPath, return...
2012-04-03 Robert SesekRemove the list of frontend resources from
2012-04-03 Robert SesekMove mobile.css to the new frontend/ directory
2012-04-03 Robert SesekMerge branch 'mobilecss'
2012-04-03 Robert SesekUpdate the Go version in
2012-04-03 Robert SesekRun gofmt
2012-04-03 Robert SesekSimplify the build script now that |go build| exists
2012-04-03 Robert SesekChange the frontend files directory
2012-04-03 Robert SesekLast compile error
2012-04-03 Robert SesekFix most compile errors
2012-04-03 Robert SesekConfig now only need be declared once in package server
2012-04-03 Robert SesekRemove paths. prefix from call sites
2012-04-03 Robert SesekRemove use of container/vector
2012-04-03 Robert SesekRun gofix
2012-04-03 Robert SesekUpdate package names and import paths
2012-04-03 Robert SesekMove files around to organize along packages
2012-03-04 Robert SesekFix some fd leaks from os.Open
2012-02-27 Robert SesekFix mobile.css mozilla background stops
2012-02-27 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 627.31.
2012-02-27 Robert SesekFix a warning about the viewport meta tag
2012-02-27 Robert SesekAdd some spacing between the first move selector and...
2012-02-27 Robert SesekStyle actor input elements
2012-02-27 Robert SesekMake the actor tiles larger.
2012-02-27 Robert SesekInitial mobile style:
2012-01-02 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 613.0. 0.8.613.0
2012-01-02 Robert SesekAdd an implementation of Function.bind() to fix usage...
2011-12-30 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 600.0. 0.8.600.0
2011-12-30 Robert SesekUse http.NewRequest
2011-12-30 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 599.0.
2011-12-30 Robert SesekServe indexHandler as text/html
2011-12-30 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 596.0.
2011-12-30 Robert SesekUpdate to be compatible with Go r60.3
2011-12-28 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 591.0.
2011-12-28 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 588.0.
2011-12-28 Robert SesekClean up the names of methods for createDom from the...
2011-12-28 Robert SesekReplace the final document.createElement with $.createDom
2011-12-28 Robert SesekRename draw() to createDom()
2011-12-28 Robert SesekMove inline CSS to the screen.css file
2011-12-28 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 581.0.
2011-12-28 Robert SesekGet SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS working
2011-12-28 Robert SesekSwitch from having embeded JS in index.html to using...
2011-12-28 Robert SesekMerge branch 'jquery'
2011-12-28 Robert SesekRemove the Users map now that it is taken care of by MFE
2011-12-28 Armadillo Build... Stamp version.js @ 562.101.
2011-12-28 Robert SesekRemove references to goog in web_frontend/
2011-12-28 Robert SesekFix two incorrect usages of Array.splice
2011-12-28 Robert SesekFix the download action to work through MFE
2011-12-28 Robert SesekShow "Loading..." rather than the wrong name of the...
2011-12-28 Robert SesekFix the post-fetch display of the path control.
2011-12-27 Robert SesekRemove a few calls do document.createElement
2011-12-27 Robert SesekSwitch the performDelete_ message from span to div