2005-08-21 rsesekShrunk widget size trunk@18
2005-08-21 rsesekFixed weird bug (update_swatch() would update black...
2005-08-21 rsesekMake default of the hex field be 6 zeros
2005-08-21 rsesekScooted over the "Done" button a little more
2005-08-21 rsesekBack side of widget is done
2005-08-21 rsesekJavaScript almost completely working
2005-08-21 rsesekColour swatch now updates
2005-08-21 rsesekHooked up decimal system
2005-08-21 rsesekSome interesting keycode stuff, but we're not going...
2005-08-21 rsesekAdded input boxes
2005-08-21 rsesekWidget info button now positioned correctly
2005-08-21 rsesekWidget now works in basic form
2005-08-21 rsesekRenaming files
2005-08-21 rsesekBroken widget crap
2005-08-21 rsesekBasic widget in place; no functionality
2005-08-21 rsesekAddinig RGB_Converter directories
2005-08-20 rsesekAdding basic repository structure