2020-03-23 Robert SesekBump version to 1.0.2. master 1.0.2
2020-03-23 Robert SesekAdd a changelog.
2020-03-23 Robert SesekInstall @types/dom-inputevent to fix tsc warning.
2020-03-23 Robert SesekSplit WebPack chunks, but turn off the size hint warning.
2020-03-23 Robert SesekSpecify @hpcc-js/wasm as a contentBase in the devServer...
2020-03-23 Robert SesekUse explicit include for the ts-loader Webpack rule. 1.0.1
2020-03-23 Robert SesekMove some packages from devDependencies to dependencies.
2020-03-23 Robert SesekSet version to 1.0.0 and some packaging prep. 1.0.0
2020-03-22 Robert SesekAdd a README.
2020-03-18 Robert SesekFlexbox improvements.
2020-03-18 Robert SesekStore the trace and value as state in LineView.
2020-03-17 Robert SesekInclude the Form.person in the form selector.
2020-03-17 Robert SesekMake the trace viewer easier to use for large graphs.
2020-03-17 Robert SesekDrop <table> instead of flex for layout.
2020-03-17 Robert SesekAdd graphviz display of line Traces.
2020-03-15 Robert SesekWork on the trace viewer for form lines.
2020-03-15 Robert SesekStringify line values with spaces.
2020-03-15 Robert SesekSort a Form's lines using localeCompare with numeric...
2020-03-15 Robert SesekJust use Object.values rather than keys.
2020-03-15 Robert SesekStringify line values, in case they are complex.
2020-03-14 Robert SesekCreate a ustaxviewer command to display a tax return...
2020-03-14 Robert SesekAdd license information.
2020-03-14 Robert SesekUpdate imports for TaxReturn abstraction.
2020-03-11 Robert SesekSplit TaxReturnView out of App.
2020-03-11 Robert SesekUpdates to reflect ustaxlib's package new package struc...
2020-03-08 Robert SesekCatch errors in rendering values.
2020-03-08 Robert SesekFinish basic styling for the viewer.
2020-03-08 Robert SesekInitial skeleton of the ustaxlib viewer.