2015-05-31 Robert SesekIntroduce FrontController as the replacement for RootCo... api-2
2015-05-27 Robert SesekAdd Request::Filter and ::FilterArray.
2015-05-26 Robert SesekUse filter_var() over base/filter.php, which is going...
2015-05-25 Robert SesekCache templates with the full template path rather...
2015-05-25 Robert SesekThe default behavior for RestAction should be to error...
2014-03-31 Robert SesekIn views\Template, do not use base/filter.php wrappers...
2014-03-31 Robert SesekCheck for the presence of a RootControllerDelegate...
2014-03-31 Robert SesekDo not call RootControllerDelegate through WeakInterface.
2014-03-31 Robert SesekAdd RootController::StopWithRedirect() as a redirect...
2013-07-30 Robert SesekSimplify WeakInterface by replacing the MethodImp with...
2013-06-08 Robert SesekImplement a noop views\FileCacheBackend::GetMultipleTem...
2013-06-04 Robert SesekImplement template PreCache-ing in the TemplateLoader.
2013-06-04 Robert SesekEscape the callstack function args in ProfilingPDO...
2013-06-04 Robert SesekThrow an exception if the template file does not exist.
2013-06-04 Robert SesekTesting the return value of PDOStatement::Execute does...
2013-06-04 Robert SesekPass a variable that is actually defined to MarkTemplat...
2013-06-04 Robert SesekWrite a CacheBackend implementation for PDO.
2013-06-04 Robert SesekRefactor builtin functions into a TemplateBuiltins...
2013-06-02 Robert SesekWrite the initial builtin Template macro functions...
2013-06-01 Robert SesekRewrite the template system to have user-customizable...
2013-06-01 Robert SesekPrint comparison failure expected and actual values.
2013-05-29 Robert SesekSplit TemplateLoader's cache business into another...
2013-05-29 Robert SesekMake use of Template names for usage profiling.
2013-05-28 Robert SesekAdd base/profiling.php and data/profiling_pdo.php.
2013-05-28 Robert SesekAdd a CHANGES file.
2013-05-19 Robert SesekMake OutputFilter::_EncodeXML protected so that the...
2013-05-19 Robert SesekAdd http\Input class to provide an input sanitization...
2012-10-14 Robert SesekChange OutputFilter to use a delegate instead of subcla...
2011-10-23 Robert SesekImplement hoplite\filter\RawString
2011-10-20 Robert SesekAdd a getter for the RootController delegate
2011-10-08 Robert SesekAdd RootController::StopWithCode()
2011-10-08 Robert SesekRefactor the response type guessing in OutputFilter...
2011-08-22 Robert SesekFix MakeUrl() for when calling it at the root page.
2011-08-21 Robert SesekUse JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK for json_encode()
2011-08-14 Robert SesekAdd hoplite\views\MakeURL() in a kind of hacky way.
2011-08-14 Robert SesekAdd hoplite\views\Inject()
2011-08-14 Robert SesekExtract PUT data as POST params
2011-08-14 Robert SesekAdd RootController::MakeURL()
2011-08-14 Robert Sesek* Make Controller have an abstract _SelectModel method.
2011-08-08 Robert SesekMake RootControllerDelegate::OnInitialRequest also...
2011-08-08 Robert SesekMissing a set of ()
2011-08-08 Robert SesekAdd functionality to OutputFilter for rendering templates
2011-08-08 Robert Sesektemplate_loader.php needs to include template.php
2011-08-08 Robert SesekAllow an array of variables to be passed to Template...
2011-08-07 Robert SesekMerge form/request data in the Controller
2011-08-07 Robert SesekCheck the right header for X-Requested-With
2011-08-07 Robert Sesek* Catch PDOException in Controller
2011-08-07 Robert SesekMake sure $rule_frag has length before indexing it.
2011-08-06 Robert SesekDon't return in FilterOutput() if there's a body already.
2011-08-06 Robert SesekIntroduce a file loader to the UrlMap.
2011-08-06 Robert SesekSpecial case the empty rule.
2011-08-06 Robert SesekOnly check the Request#data[format] key if it is set
2011-08-06 Robert SesekSend the HTTP status code in the response
2011-08-06 Robert SesekAssume an empty PATH_INFO is the root URL.
2011-08-06 Robert SesekFix more bugs in TemplateLoader and a singleton helper
2011-08-06 Robert Sesek.gitignore broke the test!
2011-08-06 Robert SesekGet TemplateLoader working and update the tests
2011-08-06 Robert SesekChange Template::Render to return the result, rather...
2011-08-06 Robert SesekAdd RootControllerDelegate
2011-08-06 Robert SesekSet null_allowed to TRUE by default.
2011-08-06 Robert SesekMore optimizations by caching the value of IsRequired()
2011-08-06 Robert SesekSpeed up WeakInterface by 2x by caching the object...
2011-08-06 Robert SesekCreate WeakInterface
2011-08-06 Robert SesekImplement OutputFilter::_CreateBodyForResponse()
2011-08-06 Robert SesekAdd OutputFilter::_EncodeXML and create a test
2011-08-06 Robert SesekNaïve implementation of RootController::LookupAction
2011-08-05 Robert Sesek* Add RestAdapaterTest
2011-08-05 Robert SesekAll tests pass again
2011-08-05 Robert SesekAdd http\RestAdapter
2011-07-30 Robert SesekMake http\RestController's Do methods public
2011-07-30 Robert SesekAdd data\Controller
2011-07-30 Robert SesekAdd data\Model from phalanx
2011-07-30 Robert SesekAdd base\Struct from phalanx
2011-07-30 Robert SesekFix a bug in TemplateLoader
2011-07-27 Robert SesekAdd WIP TemplateLoader
2011-07-26 Robert Sesek* Get the correct column number in parsing exceptions
2011-07-26 Robert SesekAdd basic template parser and test
2011-06-22 Robert SesekImplement UrlMap::LookupAction()
2011-06-18 Robert SesekUpdate RootController and test so that a Request is...
2011-06-18 Robert SesekImplement UrlMap::Evaluate() with all its tests passing.
2011-06-18 Robert SesekDon't print OK if a test fails
2011-06-18 Robert Sesek* Add a set of failing tests for UrlMap -- TDD!
2011-06-12 Robert SesekAdd ActionControllerTest
2011-06-12 Robert SesekAdd a test for RestAction
2011-06-12 Robert Sesek* Write a unittest for RootControler
2011-06-12 Robert SesekAdd unit testing infrastructure, again straignt from...
2011-06-12 Robert SesekAdd functions.php, copied from phalanx
2011-06-12 Robert SesekStub out the OutputFilter
2011-06-11 Robert SesekStub out UrlMap
2011-06-11 Robert Sesek* Add ActionController
2011-06-11 Robert SesekWhitespace nits in the README
2011-06-11 Robert SesekAdd the Request and Response objects copied from phalanx
2011-06-11 Robert SesekStart stubbing out the design doc interfaces
2011-06-11 Robert SesekAdd the design doc