descriptionModern PHP5 microframework for building RESTful web applications.
last changeTue, 20 Aug 2019 04:01:43 +0000 (00:01 -0400)
2019-08-20 Robert SesekHandle FastCGI situations where PATH_INFO is not available. master
2017-11-19 Robert SesekAdd an interceptor for CORS OPTIONS preflighting.
2017-11-19 Robert SesekRestAction: Support OPTIONS and fix old StopWithCode.
2017-11-18 Robert SesekRemove trailing <? in template expansion.
2017-11-18 Robert SesekThe FileCacheBackend should cache with template basename.
2015-05-31 Robert SesekNotFoundInterceptor needs to permit a NULL Action.
2015-05-31 Robert SesekRestore FrontController::InvokeAction().
2015-05-31 Robert SesekFix views\Template accessing RootController rather...
2015-05-31 Robert SesekIntroduce FrontController as the replacement for RootCo... api-2
2015-05-27 Robert SesekAdd Request::Filter and ::FilterArray.
2015-05-26 Robert SesekUse filter_var() over base/filter.php, which is going...
2015-05-25 Robert SesekCache templates with the full template path rather...
2015-05-25 Robert SesekThe default behavior for RestAction should be to error...
2014-03-31 Robert SesekIn views\Template, do not use base/filter.php wrappers...
2014-03-31 Robert SesekCheck for the presence of a RootControllerDelegate...
2014-03-31 Robert SesekDo not call RootControllerDelegate through WeakInterface.
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