2016-12-18 Robert SesekAllow additional parameters after the address in smtp... v1.0.0
2016-12-18 Robert SesekDo not break out of a switch, use return.
2016-12-18 Robert SesekFix not handling invalid RCPT TO addresses.
2016-12-18 Robert SesekAdd more logging to debug production issues.
2016-12-18 Robert SesekBreak out of the connection loops if EOF is reached.
2016-12-18 Robert SesekAdd zap logging through the servers.
2016-12-18 Robert SesekAdd a systemd unit file for the server.
2016-12-18 Robert SesekFormat the TLS string in the receive-trace.
2016-12-18 Robert SesekImplement STARTTLS in the SMTP server.
2016-12-18 Robert SesekSupport TLS in POP3.
2016-12-17 Robert SesekStart saving SMTP messages in the maildrop.
2016-12-17 Robert SesekWhen receiving a message, the SMTP server must add...
2016-12-17 Robert SesekAdd a test for POP3 RETR.
2016-12-17 Robert SesekFix case sensitivity in the POP3 sever.
2016-12-14 Robert SesekHandle case-insensitivity properly for SMTP commands.
2016-12-14 Robert SesekDo not implement SMTP VRFY.
2016-12-14 Robert SesekAdd a test for the POP3 server.
2016-12-13 Robert SesekGo back to using pop3.Message rather than IDs for most...
2016-12-13 Robert SesekImplement POP3 LIST, RETR, and DELE.
2016-12-13 Robert SesekInitial POP3 server.
2016-12-13 Robert SesekComplete the unittest by adding smtp.Server.VerifyAddress.
2016-12-13 Robert SesekAdd the first test for SMTP connections, based on the...
2016-12-12 Robert SesekSupport SMTP along with ESMTP.
2016-12-12 Robert SesekDefine an smtp.Envelope that can be delivered to an...
2016-12-12 Robert SesekA basic SMTP server.
2016-12-12 Robert SesekSimple accept/listen loop for the SMTP server.
2016-12-12 Robert SesekLay out basic config file structure.
2016-12-12 Robert SesekThe mission statement.