descriptionDelivery SMTP and POP3 server.
last changeSat, 8 Aug 2020 18:25:22 +0000 (14:25 -0400)
2020-08-08 Robert SesekBump version to 2.0.1. master v2.0.1
2020-08-08 Robert SesekUpdate docs to cover contributing.
2020-08-08 Robert SesekMinor tweaks to the Github workflows.
2020-08-08 Robert SesekAdd Github workflows for CI and PRs.
2020-08-08 Robert SesekRewrite the Makefile to create release archives.
2020-08-08 Robert SesekLinkstamp the binaries when building with make.
2020-08-08 Robert SesekDelete old
2020-08-08 Robert SesekLog when a send-as occurs.
2020-08-08 Robert SesekFix two typos in log messages.
2020-08-08 Robert SesekTweak the installation guide.
2020-08-02 Robert SesekWrite installation guide and clean up
2020-06-09 Robert SesekLog the hostname when starting up.
2020-06-09 Robert SesekClean up tests to use `if want, got := X, Y; want ...
2020-06-07 Robert SesekAdd more verbose pop3 connection logging.
2020-06-07 Robert SesekConvert some TODOs to log statements.
2020-06-07 Robert SesekRename smtp.Server.OnMessageDelievered to DeliverMessage.
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