descriptionA tool for Boston University students that allows printing to Central Printing when not in the lab.
last changeWed, 15 Apr 2009 17:10:17 +0000 (13:10 -0400)
2009-04-15 Robert SesekAdd a help menu item to display the current print queue master
2009-04-15 Robert SesekIf a user drops a file and tries to print but gets...
2008-09-15 Robert Seseklibssh2 can't be built with gnu99, but we want PrintDro... 1.2
2008-09-15 Robert SesekAdding two help menu items to link to MyACS and the...
2008-09-15 Robert SesekUse the upload-safe name to display the filename after...
2008-09-15 Robert SesekUpdate -getUploadSafeName: to not fail with certain...
2008-09-11 Robert SesekUpdate the version number to 1.2
2008-09-11 Robert SesekAdd radio buttons to allow people to choose either...
2008-09-10 Robert SesekClear the file after uploading (so people can't print...
2008-08-28 Robert SesekCreate the help documentation and make the help window... 1.1
2008-08-28 Robert SesekShow the help window for each new version
2008-08-26 Robert SesekAdding a help window that uses WebKit to display a...
2008-08-06 Robert SesekBumping the version number to 1.1
2008-08-06 Robert SesekSwitching from NIB to XIB file formats
2008-08-06 Robert SesekSwitching to Sparkle for updates
2008-08-06 Robert SesekRemove the old version checking system
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