descriptionA utility that makes beating Text Twist and scrabble a cinch.
last changeThu, 5 Jun 2008 20:23:32 +0000 (16:23 -0400)
2008-06-05 Robert SesekInstead of setting the coordinates for the window,... master 2.0
2008-06-05 Robert SesekMinor change to the algorithm to support wildcards
2008-06-05 Robert SesekTurn on alternating row colors for the word list
2008-06-05 Robert SesekDon't select any rows in the list display
2008-06-05 Robert SesekFinished the algorithm for finding words
2008-05-29 Robert SesekSet springs on the GradientBackView
2008-05-29 Robert SesekDo not #include the non-existent NSStringAdditions.h
2008-05-28 Robert SesekRemoving the NSStringAdditions.m+h file because we...
2008-05-28 Robert SesekMaking this v2.0
2008-05-28 Robert SesekSome pixel shifting to get everything lined up correctl...
2008-05-28 Robert SesekRemove the focus ring on the search box
2008-05-28 Robert SesekAdding a nice gradient to the background to make the...
2008-05-28 Robert SesekMaking the UI less 10.2-ish and more 10.5-ish
2008-05-28 Robert SesekAlgorithm updates. We no longer crash/get raise:'d...
2008-05-22 Robert SesekForgot to bump the copyright year in Info.plist
2008-05-22 Robert SesekRemoving the NSCoder methods of the Word class
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