2014-02-24 Robert SesekUpdate appcache version. master
2014-02-24 Robert SesekTweak the fonts for mobile version.
2014-02-24 Robert SesekMake the hashed password field a div, since it works...
2014-02-24 Robert SesekChange the width to 100% now that padding is gone.
2014-02-24 Robert SesekGive the mobile version a header.
2014-02-24 Robert SesekThe extension now has its own dedicated page and embeds...
2014-02-24 Robert SesekMore improvements to the mobile style to fit the input...
2014-02-24 Robert SesekMake the hosted page responsive based on min-width...
2014-02-23 Robert SesekUpdate appcache version.
2014-02-23 Robert SesekBind mousedown to _selectPassword instead of click.
2014-02-23 Robert SesekFix _isChromeExtension to test for testing 'undefined'.
2012-12-31 Robert SesekBump the version to 3
2012-12-31 Robert SesekA better way to generate the sitekey
2012-12-30 Robert SesekChange the version
2012-12-30 Robert SesekImplement _initChromeExtension to automatically populat...
2012-06-30 Robert SesekCreate a Makefile for the extension
2012-06-30 Robert SesekAdd the appcache to hosted.html and set the manifest...
2012-06-30 Robert SesekRemove the options page for now from the extension.
2012-06-30 Robert SesekAdd some icons and set the options page in the extensio...
2012-06-30 Robert SesekAdd mobile style
2012-06-30 Robert SesekReplace lipsum with real text.
2012-06-30 Robert SesekStyle the hosted page a little bit.
2012-06-30 Robert SesekAdd an appcache manifest, but do not link it to the...
2012-06-30 Robert SesekFix the sizing bug by not calling focus explicilty...
2012-06-11 Robert SesekBreak window and document up in Options
2012-06-11 Robert SesekClamp to maximum password length
2012-06-11 Robert SesekGet minimum password length from options
2012-06-11 Robert SesekIntital work on options
2012-06-11 Robert SesekStyle core in hosted
2012-06-11 Robert SesekAdd a hosted page for the core.html
2012-06-11 Robert SesekStyle the hr
2012-06-09 Robert SesekMake the input fields a little larger so there's always...
2012-06-09 Robert Sesekfocus the master on first oepn
2012-06-09 Robert SesekAdd _nextFieldInterceptor so that you can press enter...
2012-06-09 Robert SesekSelect the password when clicking into that field
2012-06-09 Robert SesekOverride default appearance for input and buttons
2012-06-09 Robert SesekAdd disabled _initChromeExtension
2012-06-09 Robert SesekSelect the password when you click the generated passwo...
2012-06-09 Robert SesekSwitch to a main() funciton
2012-06-09 Robert SesekFloat the generate button to the right, make the genrea...
2012-06-09 Robert SesekAdd some CSS
2012-06-09 Robert SesekCreate SkeletonKey._capitalizeKey
2012-06-09 Robert SesekAdd core.{html,js} to start generating secure keys
2012-06-09 Robert SesekImport Crypto-JS's PBKDF2 implementation.