descriptionA Chrome extension that uses PBKDF2 hashing to generate cryptographically secure passwords.
last changeMon, 24 Feb 2014 03:27:23 +0000 (22:27 -0500)
2014-02-24 Robert SesekUpdate appcache version. master
2014-02-24 Robert SesekTweak the fonts for mobile version.
2014-02-24 Robert SesekMake the hashed password field a div, since it works...
2014-02-24 Robert SesekChange the width to 100% now that padding is gone.
2014-02-24 Robert SesekGive the mobile version a header.
2014-02-24 Robert SesekThe extension now has its own dedicated page and embeds...
2014-02-24 Robert SesekMore improvements to the mobile style to fit the input...
2014-02-24 Robert SesekMake the hosted page responsive based on min-width...
2014-02-23 Robert SesekUpdate appcache version.
2014-02-23 Robert SesekBind mousedown to _selectPassword instead of click.
2014-02-23 Robert SesekFix _isChromeExtension to test for testing 'undefined'.
2012-12-31 Robert SesekBump the version to 3
2012-12-31 Robert SesekA better way to generate the sitekey
2012-12-30 Robert SesekChange the version
2012-12-30 Robert SesekImplement _initChromeExtension to automatically populat...
2012-06-30 Robert SesekCreate a Makefile for the extension
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